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Tips on free Hunting!

This is neither for animal shooters, nor for rich trophy collectors.  Only econo hunters will enjoy this page.   


The keen, though budget-restricted hunter is forever faced with escalating hunting costs.  Hunting frequently enough is simply not affordable any more.


Apply  your mind creatively to combinations of "econo hunting", and you will be amazed how much you can hunt for little money!


Here are some ideas to get you thinking.  The list is by no means complete.  Innovative "econo hunters" who have some more ideas, can e-mail us for an update, so we can share it with others.


My big-five hot tips

1.      Hunt Varmint 

2.      Become a Hunting Guide (PH)

3.      Become a Hunting Outfitter

4.      Hunt with Handgun & Bow

5.      Negotiate & Negotiate


Ten other Tips

Not as hot as the big-five above, but do check them out and experiment with some of them.