Hunt with Handgun & Bow

rooibok handgun.jpg (29613 bytes)Handgun and bow hunting offer the same as rifle hunting, just much more!  The safari works out quite cheap if you spend the allocated 4 days leopard crawling to bag one impala.


Kudu handgun.jpg (29063 bytes)Watch out for bush fever when the opportunity finally presents itself.  A shaky iron-sighted handgun without dead rest is not very accurate.



Bow hunting takes the restriction of the handgun that little further.  The ambush or stalk is not where the trick lies.  It’s all in the draw.  (Remember, a handgun is always on full draw, requiring no movement!)  As a novice with the bow, I struggle with this part, but I hope that my experience in handgun hunting will assist me in conquering bow hunting soon.

Trofeevark Handgun kleiner.jpg (23570 bytes)Handgun and bow hunting requires camouflage and nifty bush craft and patience foreign to the once-a-year animal shooter.  Click on the button “Links & Guest Book” on the main menu for hyperlinks to great American talk forums on handgun and bow hunting.

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