Become a Hunting Guide (PH)

This tip works great, provided you are serious about hunting.  Invest some time and savings on a training course with a South African PH school of good standing.  Not only is it educational, enriching and great fun, but this also qualifies you to do freelance guiding of foreign hunters after plains game.  (And for all you would know, it might even become a career.)

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Be honest with your client, keep your fees reasonable and your service standards high.  You will get only few opportunity to do the shooting yourself, but you will certainly "hunt" frequently with the clients.  When outfitters hire your services as guide, you may want to negotiate with them a hunt for yourself (for a later date) in lieu of cash remuneration for guiding the client.

You could also guide local hunters of course.

For more info, read the paragraph on legislation under the "SA Hunting Set-up".

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