Become a Hunting Outfitter

Once qualified as PH, certain minimum criteria apply for the issue of a permit to recruit hunters from oversees and arrange for them to be accommodated and guided appropriately while on safari.  Contact your local Nature Conservation office or PHASA for details of qualifications, facilities and experience required.

This way you may legally swap hunts with foreign hunters, or simply recruit and guide them for compensation.  This "compensation" could be cash (that can be converted into hunting at a later stage) or a hunting voucher of sorts on the same ranch.  This kind of arrangement also offers a potentially low-cost / high-quality safari to the foreign hunter.  If you have a restriction on annual leave, you will be limited to 2 or 3 regular clients per year.

I will always remember and appreciate my first client.

Assuming that hunting is not your primary source of income, you can afford to be price competitive (without being "cheap" though).  Expect resistance from the bigger safari operators for “upsetting the market” with lower prices.  Such criticism is not justified, since your impact is negligible, and you are serving a narrow niche market of foreigners who would otherwise not have afforded an African safari in any way.  (These same foreigners might well decide to return for up-market safaris in future, which will then be a gain for the up-market outfitters who specialize in extravagance, luxuries and/or rare trophies.

As long as you operate ethically prudent and 100% within the law, you can be assured of the support of PHASA, Nature Conservation and the game farmers.

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