My Definition of “HUNTING”

There are numerous published definitions of "hunting" in our dictionaries, legal documents and hunting literature.  We shall not get academically knotted in the semantics of these.

To me "hunting " means to search, track, stalk, ambush or call a wild animal with the intent of "shooting" it by some means that will cause zero or minimal suffering.  It is the process of trying to get close to free roaming wild animals in order to capture them in a way.  Since the hunter is the initiator of this process, he bears the obligation of leveling the playing field, i.e. making it a "fair chase".  I also slow down the tempo of the process so that I can spend more time executing the hunt.  The quantified results of the hunt (i.e. what had been killed) are relative to each hunter’s own standards, and therefore irrelevant to my definition.

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