Baboons have incredible eye sight!  Hunting them on a farm where they get blasted regularly, is not easy without making yourself look like one of them.  (The one in the middle blends better with the environment than the two black ones flanking him.) 

This is my favorite hunting uniform.  I bought a good quality khaki "overall" and painted it to my heart's content.  I then sewed on some patches for knee and elbow protection, and shoe laces all over for attaching twigs and grass for upright stalk.  ( Normally hiding behind a tripod shooting stick with lots of vegetation attached.)  The hat is also custom developed, complete with camo-laces, air conditioning, neck flap and built-in fly screen for summer use.

No, this hat is not for sale.  


If you want to take a jackal with a handgun during day time (on the stalk), you need to look like the bush.






This young impala ram demanded an hour's leopard crawling in tall grass.  (Note left elbow pad is missing.)  The picture does not show that the hunter is covered in ticks.


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