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SA hunting Set-up

This page summarizes the macro economics of the SA hunting industry, the laws and organizations that govern hunting,  and how the ranches operate.

1. The SA Hunting Industry

The SA Government identified  tourism as the industry sector with the largest potential for long term growth and job creation.  Hunting, as a sub-set of tourism, is experiencing strong upward movement.  Visiting "trophy" hunters are most important to us, but it is essential that we improve our customer  service to world class levels through internal self-controls.

2. Legislation

Hunting legislation is decentralized to provincial level.  Essential principles around commercial hunting is much the same across the provinces.  Levels of implementation is reasonable (by SA law enforcement standards). 

3. Clubs & Associations

Besides bodies representing other types of shooting sport, there are about 20 registered hunting  clubs in SA.  By far the largest is SA Hunters ("SA Jagters") with 16000 members and branches all over the country.  Acceptance criteria for membership of most clubs do not include any formal training or qualifications. 

The Confederation of Hunters Associations of South Africa (CHASA) represents affiliated clubs.  They encourage hunters to undergo their training course for improvement of safety standards and hunting skills.  I support that.

These clubs generally subscribe to ethical hunting principles, and spread the gospel of conservation.

4. The PH & Outfitter

It is a legal requirement that visiting hunters be guided by a Nature Conservation qualified Professional Hunter.  PHASA membership is strongly recommended.  Only outfitters issued with a permit may recruit hunters from abroad. 

 5. Hunting Ranches

Game ranchers have recently started clustering forces to forward common interests.  Visit their website and pick the venue for your next safari.

In my opinion they need a paradigm shift in attitude towards customer service.