It took lots of development work to get this gimmick thus far.  My day-calling decoy operates with remote controls up to 250 yards from the truck.  It consists of a ply-wood box with the following goodies inside and on top.

# Receiver radio for remote sound from CD, tape or hand calling (microphone) done at the truck

#  Amplifier to boost the above signal

#  Horn speaker

#  Receiver unit for start/stop of decoy

#  12v wind shield wiper motor to move decoy (via relay)

#  Stuffed shrub hare as decoy, rotating by remote control

#  12v battery (7.2 Ah) to drive all of the above

Does it work?  I don't know.  Calling the predators in, yes, but how much the relative contribution of the moving decoy is, one will only be able to tell after many experiments, calling with and without it.

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