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Diere van die Nasionale Kruger Wildtuin;  G de Graaff

Tracks and Tracking in Southern Africa;  Louis Liebenberg

Mammals of Southern Africa;  Chris and Tilda Stuart

Smither's Mammals of Southern Africa

Problem Animal Management;  Cape Nature Conservation

Die Ekologie van die Rooijakkals;  J W H Ferguson 

Bothma, J du P; several publications on Black-backed jackal and other carnivora

SA Jagter magazine

Man Magnum magazine

Bekwaamheidstoets lesings;  CHASA

Note from Johan Calitz Hunt School

Hunting Ordinances of the "old Transvaal" provinces, "old Cape", Natal and Freestate

Pictures:  Struik, Southern, Transvaal Museum, Provincial Nature Conservation offices, wall calendar publishers

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