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South Africa Hunting related

Map of South Africa  Handy if you don't know the place

South Africa                Similar

Accommodation        Tourism hints

Wildnet Africa           Commercial, African hunting

SA Hunters                Biggest hunting club in SA

Kobus Schoeman      SA Safaris and hunt school

Balla Balla                  Safaris in SA

PHASA                      Professional Hunter Association of SA (URL unknown)

Hunting Africa          Commercial, African hunting

SAGRO                       South African Game Ranchers, links to lots of ranches!

E W T                           Endangered Wildlife Trust, great organization

Wildlife Ranching    International Symposium in SA in 2001 

GS  Custom                SA manufacturer of monolithic hollow points


USA Hunting Talk Forums

Bow Site                           Great on bow hunting in Africa

Hunt Masters                  On rifle hunting in Africa

Hunt America                 Very active on rifle hunting in Africa

Hunt Chat                        Very active on hunting in Africa, varmint included

The Coyote Gods           Experienced coyote hunters on predator calling

P S Guild                         Bench rest and dog stuff

Varmint Masters            Varmint hunting of sorts

Varminter                        Varmint hunting of sorts

Predator Masters             Varmint hunting of sorts, great on predator calling

Huntseek                          Big on all kinds of hunting, including varmint and Africa

Crowbusters                     Just what it says

Gallery of Guns                What it says

Go-go Varmint                  Big chat board, lots on prairie dogs

Hotspot                              Hunting of sorts

IVHA Chat                        Hunting of sorts

Predator and Varmint       What it says

Ultimate Board                   Hunting and fishing


Other USA Hunting related

Varmint Hunters Association             World's largest club of the kind

The California Varmint Callers          Specific to the West Coast

Alaska Bow Hunting Supplies           My friend Ed in Anchorage.  Buy a bow!

My Hunting Site                                    Let Mark design your site for you!

Arizona Predator Posse                       Specific viewpoint on the calling issue

Blow Crow Decoys                               Predator Calling Decoys

Jackite Flying Decoys                           Predator Calling Decoys

Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls             Hand & electronic Predator calling Equipment

Posse Country                                        Great on predator Calling

Cronk's Custom Calls                            Predator Calling equipment

Alloutdoors                                            Lots of things

Easton Archery                                       Bows and arrows

Hunting Coyotes                                    Informative

Top 50 sites                                              Rating of sites

Top 100 sites                                            Rating of sites

Hunting the Red Fox                             Most informative

Randy in Alaska's                                   Predator Calling tips

The Trapper & Predator Caller            If you want to know about trapping

Varmint & Predator Hunting               More on Predators and other varmint

Water fowler                                           If you want to plink at feathers

SCI                                                            Safari Club International

Javelinahunter                                        Useful links

Varmint Al's                                            All the links you would ever need

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