Plains zebra


Equus burchelli

Originally distributed along the northern savannah parts of the country, this adaptable critter is now more commonly seen in the grasslands further south.  Easily distinguishable from mountain zebras (Cape and Hartmann) with its stripes running all the way down to the belly.  Usually the shadow stripes on the rump can also be seen, like in this picture.

Zebras drink water daily, making them a favorite with bow hunters.  Eating or not eating the "donkey with pajamas" is a personal issue, but the hide makes a great floor rug.


Did you know?

Each individual has a finger print stripe pattern.  After birth, the mare positions herself between the foal and the rest of the herd while he studies her stripes for future recognition.

The herd runs away at the pace of the slowest animal, followed by the herd stallion right at the back.

Foals groom their mothers!

Backwards kicking zebras can kill a lion.