Raphicerus campestris

I am classifying this cute little antelope not as “econo game” but as “varmint look-alike”.  I wonder how many of these have fallen to bullets meant for jackal and caracal.  With their large ears and bright eyes these night feeders look just like predators.

They are territorial animals, living solitary and in pairs, consequently they do not appear to be abundant, though typically I would spot 1 to 3 per evening of predator calling on sheep ranches.  Most farmers care for them, and would prefer that you do not to shoot them.  I have seen up to 20 an evening on large ranches in the Northern Cape.

Trophy hunters would typically take one, and then leave it at that.

Feral dogs and poachers pose a problem to steenbok.


Did you know?

The steenbok usually digs a hole to bury its droppings.