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Econo Game

Click on the pictures!

The Econo Hunter's quarry is classified in two categories:

Varmint - which can be hunted at zero cost, but only when behaving as problem animals.  Look-alikes will also be encountered.  Don't shoot!!
Affordable game - Which exists in abundance, thus offering good value for money


You will notice that expensive game (i.e. quarry of the up-market "trophy collector") does not qualify for my web site.  The Internet abounds with commercial "hunt-with-us" ads to satisfy the needs of the "been there, got the T-shirt" hunter.  If you feel at home with our value systems (see About Us), then we now invite you into our parlor of "Econo Game" below.

Enjoy !!


Varmint & look-alikes


Vervet monkey                                                               Baboon

Cape fox                               Black-backed jackal

Brown hyena                                           Aardwolf

Bat-eared fox                                                 Civet

Caracal                                                         Serval

African wildcat                             Ground squirrel

Rock hyrax                                          Spring hare

Porcupine                                                  Leopard luiperd.jpg (27528 bytes)

Steenbok.jpg (11091 bytes) Steenbok                                


Affordable game


Red hartebeest                                               Kudu

Blue wildebeest                                           Impala

Blesbok                                                         Duiker

Springbok                                                  Bush pig

Warthog                                                    Gemsbok

Eland.jpg (11426 bytes) Eland                                                               Zebra Zebra.jpg (17655 bytes)

Blackwildebeest.jpg (10517 bytes) Black wildebeest

and more!

Game birds                                        Spear fishing