Bush pig


Potamochoerus porcus

Looks more like a 100 kg domestic pig than like a warthog.  Reminds of European wild boar.  Found in any dense forest like growth.  They plough with their snouts for roots and bulbs, but are omnivorous and will eat anything from fruit to carrion and even kill snakes and lambs!

Declared as “problem animal” in some provinces because of crop raiding.


Mostly on full moon nights, by waiting in ambush or simply walking through crop fields with shotgun (heavy shot or slugs).  These animals are known to be fearless and very dangerous when confronted by surprise, and especially when wounded.

Did you know?

There are large numbers of feral pigs in the mountains near Wellington.
Bush pigs run with their tails down (opposite to the warthog’s aerial!)
They are the biggest animals in Southern Africa to build nests.
Bush pigs are strong swimmers!
Similar to warthog, they are bearers of African swine fever, hence the restriction on movement of carcasses.