Antidorcas marsupialis

This distinctive brown and white, agile antelope was the emblem of South Africa’s sport at national level until the change in political leadership.  The springbok politically connotes “apartheid”, so virtually only the sport of rugby attained that symbol, and the pressures for its removal is mounting.

The white crest on the rear half of the back is unique to springbok.  It shown only when “pronking” and dying.


“Voorsit” (ambush) is the most common way of hunting springbok.  The hunters are positioned at strategic places on large ranches, while the springbok get herded in on horseback.  It is very rewarding though, to hunt them on foot, stalking behind vegetation and “koppies”.

They are not a tough species, and can be taken with 22 center fire, 30-30 and the likes.  However, on some farms they are extremely skittish and therefore require something with a flat trajectory of use beyond 300 yards 

The rams have thicker horns that curl more in.

Be careful you don't penetrate to the ones behind!