Red Hartebeest


Alcelaphus buselaphus

This reddish-brown awkward looking antelope with long snout and low hindquarters can run at bursts up to 70 km/h and travel long distances in search of grazing.  Although its cousins tsessebe and Lichtensteinís do not qualify for the econo hunterís web site, the common red hartebeest makes budgetary sense with its 150 kg on the hoof, plus both sexes having horns.

Prefers open savanna and open woodland, and are being reintroduced to former range.

Did you know?

Although more abundant in the arid western lately, they were once common as far south as the Cape.
Adapted to arid and hot habitat, blood to the brain is air cooled in a heat exchanging process by blood coming from the nasal membranes.
Unlike popular belief, red hartebeest is not purely a grazer.  Around 40% of its dietary needs are satisfied by selective by browsing.
The red hartebeest can do without drinking water.
Hunter have lured red hartebeest in with a handkerchief tied to a tree