Vervet Monkey


Cercopithecus aethiops

I do not have affection for these creatures.  I do not find them funny either.  (Yet the Chacma baboon with its huge ego (baboons have attitude!) is high on my list of favorite animals.)  Vervets abound wherever food and shelter is to be found.  Their numbers are declining though, since they are persecuted almost everywhere except in game parks.

Natal farmers have an annual monkey shoot, which is heavily opposed by a monkey-support group.  These people claim that the culling process is taking the form of blood sport and is done in an inhumane way.  I can well believe that there can be elements of careless cruelty when wounding them, with which I also strongly disagree.  Us humans should not inflict unnecessary agony onto animals if it can be avoided.  I fail to see why the “one-shot-clean-kill” rule cannot be applied equally to a vervet monkey and a kudu bull.

Hunted in day time with light calibers like 22 center fire, or even rim fire at closer distances.  Hide the fire arm as best you can, and pretend not to see them until ready to shoot.

Did you know?

If you leave your tent or caravan open in the Sordwana Bay camp site, the chances are 100% it will get raided within an hour
Placing a catapult (sling shot) in a visible place in your camp site, will temporarily keep them at bay
Vervets are considered a varmint in SA, yet is classified as Cites Appendix II
These monkey cause havoc to small vertebrates and birds’ nests
Vervets have different alarm signals for approaching danger from the sky above, and from ground level