Tragelaphus strepsiceros

 High on the shopping list of trophy hunters, yet within the domain of the “econo hunter”.  This majestic antelope prefers savanna woodland, but can be seen feeding in large groups in the middle of a crop field, when not under threat.  Kudu still abound on commercial farmland, and will do so for as long as there is cover.


 Exciting to stalk, especially when you are close enough to hear the bulls breaking higher branches with their horns in order to reach young leaves.

Kudu depends heavily on its ability to camouflage itself.  If you know where on the farm they are, you can walk right up to them in windy conditions (when the rustling of the bush conceals your movements visually and audibly.)  My friend Piet Vlakvark says when you detect a kudu close by from the corner of your eye, looking at you, don’t freeze like with other antelope.  In stead, keep walking to the nearest tree for dead rest, pretending not to see it, while closing the bolt action!