Black Backed Jackal

Rooijakkals, Silverrugjakkals

Canis mesomelas

Incredibly intelligent, cunning and resilient against onslaughts by man, this unusual creature deserves a discussion on its own.  

Visit our chapter on the  Super Predator! where you can get a better glimpse into the life of this survival strategist.  (For coyote callers this is a must!) 


Hated by small stock farmers, and because of its reputation, for that matter by almost everybody!  Frequently poisoned at the peril of the complete food chain.  Stock theft should be addressed by calling and selective termination of problem animals and their immediate trainees.  Easier said than done.


Of course any pair of eyes can be mistaken for something else’s, but the most common mistakes are aardwolf, brown hyena, Cape fox, bat-eared fox and civet.

Did you know?

That you are loosing out if you don't find out more about this incredible creature!  So go to Super Predator! right now!