Gewone duiker

Sylvicapra grimmia

Found all over South Africa, this solitary browser derived itís Afrikaans name from the way it runs.  Commonly encountered when jumping up from a hidden position close by and dashing off for a few hundred yards in diving, zigzag motion. Distinguishable from Steenbok by being bigger, more gray-brown colored (Steenbok reddish), smaller ears and black band on the muzzle.

Most farmers conserve them as decorations of the veld since they are few in numbers and have little venison to offer, but in certain areas like the tea fields of the West Coast, they are culled as a pest.


Typically taken with light calibers like the 22 center fires.  In dense undergrowth a shot gun with AAA or heavier will also do.  Not a much sought-after quarry with local hunters.

Many duiker have been mistaken for a jackal at night and got stricken accidentally.

Did you know?

Duiker females frequently have horns in certain areas
Duiker are known to clean up human secretions in the veld near rural dwellings