Blue wildebeest


Connochaetes taurinus

Blue wildebeest is world renowned for photography of the annual Serengeti migration.

This beast with its crude appearance offers good value for money to the econo hunter.  Rand/kg figure is on par with impala, blesbok, springbok and kudu cow.  The females have horns and I suppose they can be mounted if size (and ego) are not all-important.

They are tough customers and not to be taken with debatable calibers.  Neck shots are not recommended unless the hunter knows where the vertebrae are.

Did you know?

Its cousin, the black wildebeest (C. gnou) derived its name from the honking call uttered.  The “white tailed gnu” was brought back from the brink of extinction a century ago.  “Hunters” of the time wiped them out in their ten thousands on the plains of the Freestate.  Today there are large numbers reintroduced, and the clown of the plains has become popular with hunters once again.  (Hopefully a different breed of hunter this time.)  Price/kg on the hook is not as favorable as that of the blue wildebeest yet.
When the herd is fleeing from danger and the young cannot keep up, they will fall flat and lie motionless in the hope of not to be seen by pursuing predators.
Calves are born during a short 2 week synchronized period to saturate predators.
The territorial bull can sometimes be recognized as the one that holds its head to highest.