Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi

Typically found in the Highveld, Freestate and Northern Cape grass land.

Weighing in at about 70 kg on the hoof, this antelope is high on the popularity list of the budget conscious hunter.

Herds of Blesbok can be contained with standard stock fencing, and roam in the open where they are typically taken with light, flat-trajectory calibers such as 243, 270 and variations of 7mm.  The trick here is to distinguish the sexes, since both have horns, with that of the males being thicker.

Some hunters are not keen on Blesbok, since they are frequently “hunted” from vehicles in small open camps.  This culling fashion does not necessarily have to be the case.  Hunting Blesbok by walk-and-stalk can be very rewarding. 

Did you know?

The Bontebok (D. d. dorcas) does not only differ from its cousin in color, but is also a bit smaller, and the social herd structure stays the same all year round.

Viewed from the front, Bontebok has an unbroken "bles" (white line on forehead), yet ironically Blesbok has a broken "bles".

Blesbok is probably your best value for money when in search oh venison.  Blesbok makes delicious biltong.