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About Us

WARNING: not for animal rightists and wealthy "check book hunters"

Who are we?

"We" (AFRICAN ECONO HUNTER) are me, Lochi.  This site is without profit motive.  It is about my hobby.

I have a passion for hunting, and use this site to share my views, experiences and hints with people who are tuned to my frequency.


To recommend low-cost hunting methods to keen hunters with limited budgets

To promote the improvement of service standards in the SA hunting industry

To voice support for scientifically sound conservation efforts in South Africa

To discourage the use of poison by promoting the calling and selective culling of problem predators


Ethical hunting

Culling in Support of Bio Diversity

Sustained Utilization of Wildlife


Authorities and the Law

Contact Us!

We would much appreciate your making contact by any means:

E-mail   Home       lochi@affordableafricanhunting.co.za

E-mail   Work        llochner@howden.co.za

Snail mail         P O Box 79, Klip River 1871, Gauteng, South Africa

Phone       Home:  27 11 903-8534        Work:  27 11 240-4000        Mobile:  27 82 900-8864

Update:  Check out our brand new site !! :     http://www.affordableafricanhunting.com