Sustained Utilization of Wildlife

There is no principle difference between stock farming and game farming.  Live stock is simply domesticated animals that were once wild.

The Chinese panda in the New York zoo may be able to earn a living by looking cute, but there is no way that the wild animals on African soil can pay their rent with revenue from game viewing tourists.  Africa is a poor continent and will remain to be a poor continent, dependant on support from the developed nations.  Commercial hunting will, without doubt, remain to be a significant source of financing for conservation of wild life.  Annual turnover of the hunting industry in SA is showing a healthy growth, of which about 60% is from local "biltong" (jerky) hunters, the rest from visiting trophy hunters.  About 10000 game farms are fenced in (40 million acres) and this area is increasing at a rate of 700000 acres per year.  Another 15000 "open" farms carry enough game to allow utilization!

Amendments were recently made to the legislation governing fire arms control.  The legislature and government forwarded arguments aimed at reducing crime.  Sadly there is a world-wide effort to demonize fire arms by connoting it with crime.  It is to be seen how these changes will affect hunting and conservation of wildlife in the long run.

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