Authorities and the law

The hunting laws in SA appear quite complex to the uninformed.  Because of the inadequate policing of most legislation in SA, the hunting Ordinances frequently get violated consciously and unconsciously.  This is compounded by continuous changes in national and provincial legislation around conservation, hunting and fire-arm ownership.

The government of the day has what we call in Afrikaans a "slapgat" attitude towards all forms of discipline in general.  "Freedom" has arrived at last, and "freedom" implies a total disregard for law and order, lots of rights and no responsibilities.  The good news is that the level of law enforcement in the hunting field is relatively thorough compared to most other applications of law and order, inclusive of serious crimes. This credit goes to the organized hunting industry and provincial Departments of Nature Conservation, who are holding hands in making SA hunting attractive to civilized foreigners from the First World who prefer to work to a rule book.

When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact the Department of Nature Conservation of your province.   I have experienced the legal representatives of all 9 provincial offices as exceptionally helpful in this regard.

African Econo Hunter promotes hunting activities within the law of the land, and actively partakes in the education thereof.

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